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Server in jacket and white gloves

It’s been a couple of weeks of incredible customer service and guest appreciation, and I always like to acknowledge anyone who holds a high standard when interacting with humans.

First, I traveled to Chicago a couple of weeks ago. I loved the hotel I stayed at (I mean, leopard-spotted bathrobes? Brilliant!) however I just slept there – I didn’t end up eating in any of their restaurants.  When I received the follow-up guest survey, I raved about how much I loved everything I used, and entered “N/A” in all of the food/beverage items because I didn’t experience them.  About a week later I got a personalized email from – not the “guest service” department, not from “corporate,” and not from any random market research firm.  The email was from the gentleman who manages the hotel restaurant.  The message?  

Hi Ms. Wright,

I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback on your stay here. I am happy to see that you had an overall great experience at the Palomar. Hopefully the next time you are in Chicago, we will be fortunate enough have you dine with us as well.


They could have just received the survey and enjoyed the ratings, but instead the went the extra distance to get personal.  Guess where I’m staying, and eating, next time I’m in Chicago?    

Next up – Dallas, TX, for a conference event (more on that  in a later post).  Beautiful hotel, doormen who remembered guests’ names – and a front desk team who would stop at nothing to ensure happy guests.  I learned that the first time when I was attempting to negotiate a real estate deal long distance and had to send and receive faxes (really? people still use faxes?) at 10pm – no problem, all handled, extra speed applied when the deal was down to the crunch – and all with a smile.  Then I made a short-notice request for a birthday cake – no problem, how did I want the person’s name spelled and what time should it be delivered?  Finally I had to call the hotel after I checked out because I had left something in the room. My items arrived next day by Fedex on the hotel’s dime.  So, Dallas? The Joule is a gem.  

When someone loves what they do, takes pride in doing it well, and feels empowered to make decisions that keep the customer’s interests top of mind, it shows.  And while each individual is responsible for finding the work that makes them happy, it’s a truly great company that can take those happy people and turn them into extraordinary ambassadors for the brand.  “Passion for the business” starts at the top and filters throughout every job and level. Making it personal makes the difference.


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