Do you chase “squirrels?”

“Squirrel” has become shorthand for “distraction.” As in “I would have been totally focused but I got distracted by that fast-moving fuzzy thing over there.” Speedy, and where there’s one there are many, squirrels have come to symbolize our collective inability to hunker down and get stuff done.

Through my executive coaching work I’ve found that certain types of people tend to b…

Are you always set to “dark?”

Dark. Some people REALLY like it.

You know them.

You’ve probably got some of them in your life.

Maybe – you ARE one of them….

I’m talking about the people for whom EVERYTHING is bad news.

A problem. A crisis. An impending issue. A “no way this can turn out well” starting point for everything.

Doom and gloom.

Well here’s the thing.

Your point of view is a…

Fifty Shades of Grey Area

No, it’s not that kind of post…although it WAS tempting to find a photo of a grey tie as the visual….Nope, this is about making the transition from being a “black and white” thinker to someone who is more comfortable with grey.

I’ve been debriefing a lot of 360 feedback surveys lately for mid-level managers identified as “top talent,” and there are some trends. One in particular has to do…

Donuts and Organizational “Weather”

Based on some reader and client requests, I’m going to occasionally profile some of the books I use in my client work. There are SO many sources that it’s hard for folks to wade through everything to find the good stuff, and since I’ve got several that have proven useful over the years I’ll act as a bit of a filter for those of you looking to narrow your reading list.

One of the tools I us…

Are some of your tools getting rusty?

I was given the gift of feedback recently – from a client who, thankfully, was thoughtful and skilled at ensuring that the feedback was in fact just that – a gift. The message was crafted carefully such that it achieved the client’s objective –  to support my growth rather than criticize my failings.

The growth opportunity I was invited to consider was the idea that I’d gotten too…

Is your Career in “The Waiting Place?”

What would happen if you got in your car and let it decide where and when to drive?

Or jumped on a train without checking its destination and route?

Or sat down in the middle of an airport and waited for someone to buy you a ticket and put you on a plane?

Well then why do so many people just wait to see where their career will go?

Make no mistake, there are lots of examples of stellar…

That time I went to Camp…

…was just this past weekend.  Seriously.  I just returned from something that was billed as “summer camp for grown-ups.”  And it was an amazing experience.

Whether I consider myself a grown-up varies depending on the day and situation, but let’s just put that aside for a moment and pretend that I fit the spec.  Who on earth would create – and why would I want to attend – such an…

Networking – A Short Course

Quick one today, but wanted to share.  This is a fantastic “how to do it” on networking – please share if by any chance (!) you know anyone who could stand to learn more of what to do and less of what not to do.

A few months ago a long time friend of mine sent me a note saying an associate of his was moving to my city and he’d appreciate it if I’d meet with her as she was getting her feet on…

Are you the new kid?

I haven’t had a real job in about twenty years, so it’s a long time since I had to suffer the feeling of being “new” anywhere.  I often work with clients who are integrating into new organizations, though, so I feel like I’ve partnered with them and understood what they were going through.

Not so much, as it turns out.

My family and I just moved into a new house – well, new to us but in a…

Entrepreneurship is the new gluten-free.

According to Sir Richard Branson, 2014 is the Year of the Entrepreneur.  If that’s the case, what happens in 2015?
It seems that “becoming an entrepreneur” is the new gluten-free, grass-fed, hybrid-powered thing to aspire to, whereas having a regular job is widely denigrated as the occupational equivalent of white bread – hazardous to your health and to be avoided at all costs.
But when did…

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