Greetings, gratitude and giving

It’s been a wonderful year, both for me personally and for my company.  While we (me and my awesome team of coach associates) have been around for a while and have always enjoyed a steady stream of business from top-notch clients, we don’t ever take it for granted, and 2013 was worthy of celebration.

We had some big partnerships that involved us in big projects.  We deepened our relationships with some existing clients and started to build with some exciting new ones.  We got invited to the table for some amazing opportunities based on referrals from happy clients – our best and most meaningful performance metric.

My book continued to flourish, and the clients with whom I work personally continued to challenge me and require me to bring my best game every day.  I had the privilege of expanding my role with the TED Fellows community by speaking at their Global Retreat, and I began a new volunteer initiative supporting undergraduate students at my alma mater.  

As I look towards 2014 I will be launching some products and programs in support of the “high potential” future leaders with whom I’ve worked for many years, and I’m excited about those efforts.  But before we leap into the New Year, I want to express my gratitude for the many people who play a role in my work and life.  With you all in mind, I am contributing to the following charitable organizations and causes:

Charity Water : Without clean water, nothing else is possible.  100% of every penny donated goes directly to fund water projects.

PLAN Canada’s “Because I am a Girl” :  Healthier, safer and more educated girls become stronger, more self-sufficient women who can transform families and communities everywhere.

Canadian Feed the Children: A small but mighty organization that envisions a world where children thrive free from poverty.  

I hope you and your families have a safe and happy holiday season, and I wish you all the happiest, healthiest of New Year’s ever.





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