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2016 Media Coverage

John Mattone interview:  Ready for the next level?  January 23, 2016.


2015 Media Coverage

Canadian Business Magazine: How to take over after a legendary CEO departs January 14, 2015


2013 Media Coverage

Virtual Strategy Magazine: 10 Ways to Get Ahead in the New Year December 20, 2013

Yahoo Finance The Pros and Cons of a Big Salary December 16, 2013

TrainingMag.comBe a Lifelong Learner April 8, 2013

Costco Connection: Are you confusing people with your leadership style?  March, 2013 Recommended Reading – The Complete Executive  Women in Investment Banking – Why such a big i-banking gender gap?  January 28, 2013


2012 Media Coverage

The National Post: Take time out all year to reflect.” Decembe 24, 2012

Ivey Business School InTouch Magazine:  “Faster, Higher, Stronger” – December, 2012 Top 50 Management Books for Entrepreneurs  Behind the Curtain with a Top Executive Coach 

Investors’ Business Daily and Investors.comFocus on Your Strengths

Distinctive Women Magazine (insert to Sept. 26 Globe and Mail):  2012 Distinctive Women (Toronto edition)  Recommended Resources

Salt Lake Tribune: “Money,” Dec. 21, 2012

Business Fitness blog: Book Review

The Business of Wisdom radio interview with Dr. Alvin Jones (Sept. 26)

Norman Marks on Governance, Risk Management and Audit:  Book Review

Insights Magazine: Interview // Bridge Generation Gap at Work


2011 Media Coverage

Voice America // Ask A Success Expert / September 12, 2011


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Praise for “The Complete Executive”

“Karen Wright cuts to the chase. No time wasted. She tells you what to do and why to do it, then lays out the road map to get you there. Brilliant!”

  -Marcia Conner, co-author The New Social Learning; consultant to some of the world’s largest organizations. (


“One piece at a time or all in one go, this is the holistic must read manual for any exec who needs to take their performance to the next level.”

—Mark Bowden, communication coach to the Fortune 500 C-suite and G8 Leaders and author of “Winning Body Language.”  (


“A powerful synthesis of the 100 key practices that have fueled the journeys of countless world-class business leaders. Wright’s rare ability to see and integrate ‘life beyond the office’ as a key enabler in professional excellence makes this a must read. Don’t just buy it, live it!”

-Jonathan Fields, author of Uncertainty, founder (


“There are many guides to self-improvement on the market, but this is one of the only books I’ve ever seen that addresses the myriad ways to become a ‘complete executive” from an evidence-based perspective.  Based on real-world experience, the author has gathered fresh stories and paired them with scientific data to support her 100-point plan to be effective in life and business.  If you don’t own this book and study it carefully, you will be doing yourself a grave disservice because it has become a “must read” for my clients.”

-Caroline Adams Miller, MAPP – author, “Creating Your Best Life,” and coach –


“The key word is ‘Complete.’ Karen’s extensive experience working with leaders at all levels has allowed her to craft the best guide to executive success that I’ve read.”

– Gavin Brown, Executive Director, Executive Development. Richard Ivey School of Business (


“There are plenty of romanticized theories about what it takes to build and lead a successful start-up, specifically in the digital media space. The truth is, I’ve worked many aspects of Karen Wright’s 10 steps as my leadership journey unfolded. Our company’s success is attributed to our dedication to core values and principles. However my personal pursuit of success as a leader and executive had no playbook. The Complete Executive is an exceptional resource that documents the levels of development and dedication being a great CEO requires. There are no shortcuts, and the journey continues.”

-Shawn Riegsecker, Founder & CEO, Centro


“Karen Wright delivers a fun, compact and relevant guide for the every-day executive to become the “Complete Executive”. Her refreshing style and practical recommendations keep the reader focused on their day job, while easily improving their Leadership skills in real-time. Finally, a can-do book that gives executives a chance to integrate a triple-bottom line approach (work, life, and making a difference in people’s lives), bringing leadership standards up to where they need to be in the 21st century. This book is a new starting point for executive transformation and will drive a revolution in North America’s boardrooms!”

-David Ahrens, SAP Americas, Competitive and Market Intelligence Executive, Palo Alto, California (


“Speaking from years of experience witnessing extraordinary successes (and failures), Karen Wright solidly debunks the myth that a highly successful career and a fulfilling, balanced life are mutually exclusive.”

– Eric Berlow, PhD. TED Senior Fellow (


“Deep down inside, we all know that the executives who focus on thriving across all aspects of their lives perform better than those who act as if their professional life is the sum of their existence. The trick is figuring out how to do it. The Complete Executive is a phenomenal book that takes the mystery and figuring-it-out aspect out of the picture. Read it and follow Karen Wright’s steps to move from a good to a truly extraordinary executive.”

-Charlie Gilkey, Organizational Productivity Consultant, Speaker, Writer (



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