Coaching Services

Executive Coaching

Looking for a qualified, competent executive coach is a challenge, whether you’re looking for your own purposes or searching on behalf of executives in your organization.  For over 20 years I have been a leader in the coaching profession and have built my business primarily through referrals because I get results.  I provide one on one coaching to senior executives to support development and decision-making, hone leadership skills in technical experts, and accelerate the development of high potential talent.

I work with a structured engagement process and proven coaching methodology, both of which I adapt to the needs of the client in the context of their organizational objectives.  I bring the benefit of my business and educational experience as well as the experiences of the hundreds of executives I have worked with over the years into every coaching engagement.  I have clear policies on confidentiality, on communication amongst corporate stakeholders, and on measurement of the coaching support – all of which are critical in corporately-sponsored coaching to ensure trust is protected and value is delivered.


Personal Coaching

Sometimes even the most committed, successful, ambitious people need to step back and reflect. To contemplate life, to evaluate career and purpose, to ensure priorities are in the right place. And when it’s time to do that kind of thinking, it’s usually best kept private, under the radar, not funded or sponsored by your organization.

Or maybe you’re an entrepreneur – in start-up mode or simply suffering the isolation that comes with being the go-to person for everyone else. You’d like a thought partner, someone who understands your world and can provide objectivity and a confidential place in which to brainstorm, problem solve and plan work and life.

For any number of reasons you might want to contract with a coach privately. I accept a limited number of one on one coaching clients who benefit from my expertise and experience coaching in the executive and corporate realm but who want to work on more personal topics and goals.

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