Canada’s leading Executive Coach shares secrets to being a good leader, being happy and healthy, and being successful – and how they are all inextricably intertwined. 

Advisor to the C-suite, Thought Leader Amongst Professionals

On a promising career path in a Fortune 500 organization, Karen found herself in a different country, having had four bosses in eight months, with no clear career mandate or mentor to guide her through challenging organizational territory. She opted out and ventured into uncharted territory as the field of professional coaching was just emerging.

Karen understood that coaching, done well and under the right circumstances, had the potential to transform individuals and their impact on and in their organizations. Given the nascent stage of the profession, she took a leadership role in the formation of professional standards and skill development and has led and mentored globally for over a decade as one of the profession’s acknowledged masters.

Karen quickly established herself as credible, practical and committed to the success of her clients in the context of their work roles and in their lives. Working at the most senior levels in organizations, she began to see patterns and trends amongst high achievers, and now offers insights about career management, leadership, legacy and happiness based on having worked with hundreds of clients.

Karen offers coaching, advice and wisdom for leaders, women trying to navigate executive level careers, and talent management executives working to build leadership capacity and evolve organizational culture. 


Karen Wright engages hundreds of people, across dozens of audiences annually covering the following topics:

Becoming “The Complete Executive – a 10-Step System for Great Leadership Performance.”
Why top level leaders need a bigger, better plan, and how organizations can use the same strategies to develop top talent.

The High Cost of Not Walking Your Talk
What happens when you let your ego guide your decisions.

Successful, Good or Happy?
How career achievement is just the first step toward creating a life of significance.

Career Management 101 for Executives
Why that dream job isn’t what you’d hoped, and how to go after a career you’ll love. 

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