The Complete Executive

The 10-Step System for Great Leadership Performance

Being a leader in our complex world requires much more than just knowing how to run a business. Today’s leaders are under an extraordinary set of demands and as such require an extraordinary set of habits, practices and disciplines to not only succeed, but to thrive at the top. “The Complete Executive” is a system that gives you a personal report card on your ability to achieve the elusive combination of health, happiness AND success. Take the test and learn where you’re already well-positioned to withstand the pressures of executive leadership, and where you need to focus your development efforts to ensure long term flourishing.

Scoring instructions

Score each item independently. If you’ve never considered a particular item, or if you know it’s important but have done nothing towards developing it or adding it to your life, score yourself “0” for that item. If you’re working on an item but not yet at a level you’re happy with, score yourself a “.5” for that item. If you’re confident and comfortable with your level of development or accomplishment on an item, OR are absolutely sure you’ll never include it in your life, score yourself a “1” for that item.

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