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Talent Accelerator Project (TAP)

  • Are you on the “fast track” in your organization but feeling like the kind of development support you need is just not available?
  • Would you love to be able to brainstorm and openly discuss issues at a peer level, yet you don’t feel comfortable being fully transparent (not to mention vulnerable) with co-workers?
  • Can you envision how like-minded peers from different organizations and industries might have a valuable perspective?

Introducing  the Talent Accelerator Project (TAP) – the first external peer mentoring and professional development program for those identified (formally or informally) within their organizations as “top talent,” “high potentials” or successors to executive positions. TAP is a confidential, focused, concentrated environment combining structured curriculum with open discussion and designed to accelerate the progress of future leaders and executive successors. Even for organizations with “hi-po” development tracks in place, there are rarely sufficient resources and available mentors to directly support the development of top talent.  These ambitious individuals need to learn how to trust peers,* think strategically and broadly about their business, shift their attention from “doing” to “influencing”  and develop their external networks in preparation for leading at the executive level. There are currently numerous programs and organizations available to provide development support and peer mentoring for top-tier executives in organizations of all sizes, but not for that next, up-and-coming level.  And while conferences and curriculum-based development have value, surveys of leaders who participate in the top-tier leader programs consistently find that the most compelling benefit of membership is the small group “mastermind” or “personal advisory board.”  Our research indicates that individuals who are working towards stepping into those top leadership roles are keen to find similar mentoring and development support outside their organizations.

The TAP Program features:

  • A 1-year application-only membership program.
  • Groups will be limited to 10 members.
  • Program elements include four quarterly one-day in-person meetings (Toronto area), 8 monthly webinars and ongoing discussion groups.
  • Optional add-on of 1:1 coaching with group leader, a Master Certified executive coach with deep experience coaching high-potentials
  • To fully leverage and engage the power of the group, attendance at – and contribution to – the learning events is critical.  Renewal for a subsequent year will be contingent on having attended at least 9 of 12 monthly events over the course of the first year, including at least three of the live events.

The Future of TAP

2018 will see the pilot groups launch in Toronto, Canada.  Subsequently we will launch additional groups in Toronto and add a Master event – an annual gathering of all members of all groups in an inspirational, content-rich, larger format day. Subsequent years will see expansion into key U.S. cities (New York, Chicago, Austin, San Francisco) and beyond such that over time a major benefit of membership will become an international peer network.


Program content will focus on accelerating the development of these individuals such that they move from “controlling on a small scale” to “influencing on a large scale” more quickly than they would have done if left to progress at their own pace. Key concepts include:

  • Becoming a multi-dimensional leader (Actions, Ideas, People)
  • Shifting from “doing things” to “making things happen”
  • The 5 Languages of Leadership
  • Feedback (send, receive, process, act)
  • The top 5 derailers of high-potential talent and how to avoid them

Group Curator and Facilitator: Karen Wright has coached senior executives and high potential talent in Fortune 500 companies and large-scale entrepreneurial and family-run businesses for almost two decades.  As one of an elite number of Master Certified Coaches globally, Karen has the skill to challenge even the toughest, most resistant and most self-assured individuals to new levels of personal growth and development as leaders.  Karen brings proprietary assessments, models and tools designed to increase self-awareness and bring focus onto the skills, aptitudes and capabilities required to thrive and succeed at the most senior levels of executive leadership.  See more at *Review of hundreds of 360 feedback reports over the past ten years identifies “peer relationships” as the most pressing development area for “high potentials.

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