What People Are Saying About Karen

  • Karen is like a Jiu Jitsu master for leaders. With a few subtle questions and razor sharp observations, Karen helped me loosen formerly intractable assumptions about myself and gently orient me towards a more abundant path of professional & personal growth.
    Martha Belcher
  • "Karen has been my first call to navigate countless business, and career decisions. Her deep coaching never made it feel like she had any attachment to the outcome— other than being a stand for my greatness, and holding me to my own integrity. Karen Wright is “The" Coach’s Coach, and she’s a Master."
    Kristoffer “KC” Carter
    Executive Coach and creator of ThisEpicLife.com
  • "Karen offers cut-the-crap coaching with an effortless combination of connection, laser focus, and yes-i-can-do-that-right-now next steps and solutions. She is fierce and dazzlingly diplomatic."
    Kristina Paider

Coaches – don’t give up! But don’t expect overnight results either.

For those of you who find yourselves impatient, discouraged, frustrated – keep at it.   I’ve been coaching for over 20 years – one one one executive coaching, to be specific, and I run a company where I have a team of associate coaches (who get the work I can’t accommodate or work for which […]

20 Years Young

  LinkedIn tells me it’s been 20 years since I ventured into the wonderful world of coaching – and if LinkedIn says it’s so, well, it must be. It’s therefore a logical time to reflect on the journey to this point and on what the future holds, but also to ask a critical question – how to […]

Sabre-toothed Tigers and Mindfulness

I was being interviewed by a prospective client recently and, as always, I asked about her desired outcome for the coaching. Her response? “Help me find my 7.” She explained. She was either operating at full speed, or hitting a wall and crashing. Nothing in between. She felt she had to be at top speed most of […]